Gala Bingo

The Ultimate Bingo Challange


The welcome bonus of £20 at Gala Bingo is massive, far above most other sites’ single-digit offerings. When you visit you will find much more than that wicked sign-up gift. Let’s take a look at what this vibrant site is wagering to win you over.

Starting with the GalaBingo homepage, we find a few key details proving that any online gaming site passes muster: clear indication of real-time winners, its security (VeriSign protection), clear navigation to its specials and features, the current jackpot amounts and many ways to contact customer service. If you do not see all of these things immediately, as you do at www.GalaBingo, then it’s wise to be wary.

The graphics of GalaBingo Online present an exciting visual appeal, with animations scrolling through its best deals and tools, like its newest games. Quite obviously, when you see this kind of sophistication you have before you a bingo website employing the best gaming software. That means the Gala Bingo halls can handle their clients’ traffic and can perform to assure fast-paced fun.

Next, click ‘Promotions’ to see why Gala Bingo is a mover and shaker among contemporary online bingo sites. There are numerous ways to play no deposit bingo (using your initial £20 bingo cash) for mere pennies, or gratis even. The ‘Gala’s Diary’ section details how every day of the week has specials and big jackpots. There is also a daily £2K club competition if you are into group bingo action (hint: use the Gala Bingo clubs Finder tool to locate clubs in your part of the UK).

Gala Bingo is also hosting the 2011 Ultimate Bingo Challenge – ‘Fancy going to Gibraltar?’ If so, you are at the right site.

As you are probably gathering already, the GalaBingo experience is geared for those players who really prefer the feeling of live bingo halls. Case in point: it’s unique GalaTV events (for which there is even a YouTube how-to video to help you learn the ropes).

There are a huge range of games available at, including slots, roulette, lotto and fun games. It’s just a matter of cruising through the games, with their times and prices are listed plainly listed for your convenience. Don’t miss the £5K Sunday Cashpot when everyone is guaranteed to be a winner!

Chat is a big deal at Gala Bingo, which gives it a very personal appeal to play here. Click ‘Chat’ to look through pictures of its friendly CM’s (moderators).

The Gala Bingo sign-up is very quick, easy and safe. There is really no need to search around to find a complicated Gala Bingo bonus code in order to start playing, unlike many other sites that make it tricky to claim your sign up benefits. That’s why Gala is the UK’s #1 bingo company, online and in your community, with millions of satisfied players.