First Deposit Bingo Bonus

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When it comes to encouraging members to sign up a lot of bingo sites out there use different methods to hook in new potential players.

By far the most powerful and popular weapon these sites have in their arsenal is the first deposit bonus.

What Is This Bonus

The first deposit bingo bonus is pretty straight forward; it’s basically a percentage of bonus cash that’s applied to your first top-up of real money into the bingo site you’re using.

For example, some sites might offer 200% or 300% on top of your first deposit, what that means is they’ll give you some bonus cash that is equal to 200% or 300% of the money you initially put in.

So for example, if you put in £20, you would get 200% of that added on top which would give you £40 to play with in total.

Some sites also offer a 900% bonus, but instead of being a huge 1st deposit bonus bingo sites normally break it down across your first couple of top-ups instead. Some websites will also give you a 100% bonus and although this may not seem like much it’s normally a cash match, which means your money will be doubled as its a ‘100% match’.

Deposit Requirements

To get your hands on deposit bonus, you will normally have to transfer a set amount of money into your account to trigger it. The most common deposit amount is £10 as it’s seen as a middle ground for players since it doesn’t cost a lot to transfer into an account, it still allows bingo sites to make money from new members.

Also, quite a lot of sites have started putting their minimum deposit amount as low as £5. This is proving quite popular with players, especially for those who can’t afford to spend a ton of cash on bingo games.

Bingo Sites with the Lowest Deposit Requirements

Since a lot of sites can often have different wagering requirements for their bonuses we’ve made selecting one to play on easier by grabbing a couple of sites with the lowest deposit amount.

Bingo Hollywood:

This site has one of the best first deposit bingo bonus, they will give you a 300% bonus on top of your cash as well as 1,000 Star Points that you can use to put towards unlocking extra rewards for a minimum deposit of £5.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

Drop a minimum of £10 into your account on this site and you will be given a first deposit bonus of 500%. They will also give you a 350% and 300% bonus for making two more top-ups after that.

Glossy Bingo:

At Glossy Bingo, you can get your hands on a 250% bonus by depositing a minimum of £10 into your account.

The first deposit bonus is the best feature of a bingo site and with so many offering different deals for their players it certainly pays to shop around to make sure you can make the most of your money!