Entropay Banking for Bingo

Nowadays, depositing funds into your bingo account can take place through a variety of channels. It has never been easier to play for real cash, even for those averse to online banking. On the web, you’ll now find a variety of bingo sites which accept a number of alternative payment methods. One of the most popular methods is the Entropay payment system. We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the best bingo sites that accept Entropay for your convenience. Take a tour of any of these sites to be met with excellent promos and an easy to operate user interface.

Tasty Bingo– Become a member with this site and your first £10 deposit will morph into a whopping £40 of playing credit. This includes a 200% bonus on your deposit and an additional £10 bingo bonus.

Wink Bingo– £10 becomes £60 on your first deposit with Wink Bingo. You’ll be met with a 350% deposit bonus then spin the wheel for a guaranteed win of a minimum of £15. You could bag up to £1000!

Bingo Hollywood– Choose your own welcome bonus at Bingo Hollywood. Options include a 100% bingo bonus, a 100% casino bonus or a 50/50 split of both. The choice is yours at this site.

Positives of using Entropay system

One of the main benefits of using a system such as Entropay is its security. The system offers an extra layer of protection between your point of sale contact and your bank account. All information is encoded in unreadable text from your computer to Entropay and then back to you. Money transactions boast a 128-bit encryption.

A further bonus is the synchronisation of Entropay with Visa and MasterCard. Upon signing up with Entropay, you’ll be able to pay for things anywhere which accept Visa as you’ll automatically be granted a virtual Visa. You can also apply for a prepaid plastic Mastercard. Both of these systems are accepted by thousands of merchants across the globe. The separation of your current account from Entropay funds means that you can set yourself a spending limit. You’ll only be able to use funds that you have loaded onto the card. As this budget is in place, Entropay is accessible to everyone regardless of credit worthiness. The system can be used to transfer money, withdraw money or make payments.

The Entropay system faces competition from other alternative payment systems such as Skrill and Neteller. Both of these methods also offer prepaid physical MasterCard, however, neither of them are partnered with Visa. Therefore with these systems, you will only be able to use the card anywhere that accepts either Mastercard or the payment methods themselves. Neteller has one further difference- it’s willingness to transfer in cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies can be commonly traded in gaming circles.

Entropay Bingo Initiation

There has been an increase in the number of Entropay bingo sites. This is largely due to how well the system lends itself to use in online betting. Many express concerns over security, therefore, the extra level of protection offered by this system is a plus. Those using bingo sites can also better keep track of their spending by using the prepaid card as a budgetary system.

To begin using Entropay for bingo, you’ll need to ensure the site you’re on accepts the methods. Head to one of the above sites to be sure of acceptance. Once there, all you have to do is select Entropay as your preferred methods of banking at the deposit portal. Simply enter your Virtual Visa details to begin transferring funds. The top level of deposits per transfer methods will usually vary from site to site so it’s always best to check with the site you’re on.

Online gamers looking for a different method to deposit should definitely give Entropay a second look. Not only is it widely accepted by bingo sites, it also provides both the means for budgeting and added security. You can even use it for retail purchases too!

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