Dream Bingo

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Dream Bingo will probably be one of the dreamiest new bingo sites ever to grace your conscious state of mind. It has all the right features and benefits, as we will see. Also, its vibrant community of avid bingo ‘dreamers’ will never put you to sleep. On the contrary, you may start to burn the midnight oil playing some of the best online bingo available today, particularly the www.DreamBingo 90-ball variety.

When you sign up at www.DreamBingo.co.uk there is a cushy £50 free when you deposit your first tenner. This will your head out of the clouds and into the bingo lobby, where you’ll be playing to claim exciting jackpots. Of course, Dream Bingo is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week bingo dreamland with three rooms, so you’ll always be covered when the impulse to play a few cards comes to mind.

The DreamBingo crew of fun chat moderators are present in every room. Plus, in-between the games they shower players with extra bonuses and special opportunities. Don’t forget to chat openly with your online friends while you play, because not only will you learn about super prizes you may not have known, this can often inspire the chat moderators to reward your enthusiasm with extra deals and prizes on the spot. The Roomie of the Month prize is given to only the most social of players, so make sure you interact to win rewards all month long.

Probably the most lucid aspect of the Dream Bingo experience is its tremendous progressive jackpot action, on the order of £10,000 (all of the jackpots are tallied in real time on the homepage according to their rooms). This way you always know what you’re getting yourself in for, and you can start day dreaming about how you’ll spend all that lovely cash.

When you’re counting sheep atnight you can whip out your tablet or smartphone and start playing on the Dream Bingo mobile site. DreamBingo.co.uk offers great 75/90-ball bingo, but also scratch games, casino games and its ‘mini’ games. (When you tell a friend about the dreamy fun you are having playing all these games, by the way, Dream Bingo will give you a free £10.) The scratch cards are especially exciting. You can win up to £25,000 because some of the cards offer winnings of 25,000 times your stake. The Dream Bingo slots are worth a spin too, as they have an extensive array of the slots that players love.

Whichever of these details and features have piqued your attention in our Dream Bingo Review, there’s one thing for sure: (pinch …) you are not dreaming! This one is the real thing, a new bingo site that accepts PayPal and will make all the other games you’ve played online seem like mere daydreams. They also take Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paysafecard so you can pay in however you please.

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