Charity Bingo Raises Money for Nepal Earthquake

If you would like to make some big bingo whilst also doing your bit to help those in need, then Charity Bingo is the place for you. The concept is very simple; for every £20 you deposit on the site, Charity Bingo will donate £1 of it to charity. That way you get to take part in fun online bingo games whilst also helping a good cause. Usually the site gives the donation to their chosen charity of the month, and this month, in reaction to current events, it’s the Nepal Earthquake Appeal!

Why Nepal?

As many will be aware, just over a month ago on the 25th of April, the Kathmandu valley in Nepal fell victim to a devastating earthquake which killed over 8,600 and injured thousands more. The Nepalese Government has declared the area to be in a state of emergency, with thousands of people left displaced and without access to shelter, medicine, food or even clean drinking water. Entire families have been completely uprooted and are unable to remain safe in the area.

In response to this crisis, emergency teams from countries all across the globe have mobilised to aid and look after the children and families affected, helping with rebuilding shelter and infrastructure to help these vulnerable people. Simply by playing on Charity Bingo before the end of the month, you could help them. All you have to do is deposit £20 on the site, and £1 will be taken from that to go straight where it’s needed. The site aims to raise £500 by the end of the month – which according to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal website, could help build an emergency shelter for a total of 25 families.

Who else have Charity Bingo worked with?

Other charities with whom Charity Bingo has worked with include Cancer Research UK and the Dog’s Trust. When there isn’t a current event going on, they tend to send donations to a more general, less specialised charity. However, as their response to the Nepal Earthquake proves, they can pull together quickly to help when a crisis arises, meaning that more immediate needs can also be met by the site.

Other bingo sites and charity

Of course, Charity isn’t the only site which uses bingo donations to raise money for good causes. Rehab Bingo, a site which operates primarily in Ireland, donates their funds to the Rehab Group. The Rehab Group offers employment, training, health and social care services for people with disabilities as well as other marginalised folks who live in the UK. Having launched a decade ago, the site has raised literally thousands to help the rehab charity with all kinds of projects, including advocacy, research and administration.

Then of course there are sites who take part in charity fundraising projects, but who aren’t specifically set up for this purpose. One example of this is Wink Bingo’s recent partnership with Peter Andre and Cancer Research UK. Through a series of fun bingo games running between now and the 30th of November, the site aims to raise £50,000 for the Peter Andre fund, which was set up by the singer and his family in 2012 after his brother sadly died of the disease. Through daily, weekly and monthly games of varying ticket prices and jackpots, the site is donating a certain amount from each game towards the fund, and they invite players to join them in helping to achieve this goal.

As you can see there are lots of different options for playing charity bingo online. If you want to focus on a specific charity then maybe you should try Rehab Bingo. Alternatively, if you just want to take part in a campaign then Wink Bingo might be the site for you. But if you want a site which works with a range of different charities, then Charity Bingo is probably a good call. Enjoy!

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