Brasingo Bingo

Brasil + Bingo = Brasingo!


Word travels fast on the Internet about new bingo sites and grand opening deals. Such is the case about the coming entry of Brasingo Bingo into the bingo marketplace. The ‘word on the street’ (make that ‘Web’) is that this site will be running bingo software by Dragonfish, which is the company that powers many of the very best bingo websites out there.

If the people who want to make BrasingoBingo a household name are paying attention to the trends in online bingo, then most of the following features are going to be offered at (or whatever the final URL turns out to be – we’ll all have to stayed tuned):

A decent no deposit bingo welcome gift. This is just standard practice. Only the really huge and established sites sometimes skip this benefit in favor of other features for their players. Welcome bonuses generally start at around £10, but they can reach £50 for startup sites or those that aim at acquiring a new competitive edge.

Brasingo Bingo must offer a substantial cash match bonus for first deposits, minimum of 100%. If it really wants to carve out a niche by adding new players in droves, then its cash match percentage should really hit the 200-300 marks, at least in the grand opening phase.

The web address will have to give users a fabulous homepage or ‘splash’ page in order to wow the UK bingo community, because there are already an awful lot of strong sites from which to choose. Color branding will be key. And the graphics will have to be either clean and simple, or very well-crafted if the BrasingoBingo look-and-feel opts instead for a themed approach.

There is, by the way, a trend toward slightly more conservative graphical interfaces, because the Internet gaming marketplace (especially the perenially popular bingo crowd) is gaining legitimacy. Gone are the days where bingo was easily confused with the more ‘gambler’-oriented games like online poker.

As for security, www.BrasingoBingo simply must be VeriSign equipped, and, in the best case scenario it will offer PayPal bingo and other anonymous payment methods like cash vouchers (Ukash is a leading system). Identity theft and banking fraud are significant barriers for online bingo to overcome, therefore any new site has no choice except to give customers solid ways to protect themselves.

Lastly, if this slightly odd-sounding website called Brasingo Bingo is going to stick, it will have to take a strong position toward building word-of-mouth recognition amonst bingo players who like to chat and trade notes. Probably the single best way to do this is by launching a mobile ‘app’ for people to enjoy on their smart phones. This multiplies the new brand’s reach very quickly.

We’ll have to wait and see how serious the team behind Brasingo really is.