BingoOnTheBox’s £1k Progressive Pandemonium

Secure £1k Amid Pandemonium

There are a whole host of reasons to join new online bingo website Bingo on the Box. For starters, you get some great games of bingo and you are eligible for some great luxury promotions. Right now they are holding a very fun and fantastic £1,000 Progressive Jackpot Pandemonium where the cash just keeps increasing, and so does your heart rate. There is never a dull moment at Bingo on the Box, which is why you should take advantage of joining this excellent bingo website – and their progressive jackpot game.

Bingo On The BoxFollow THIS link to join the Progressive Jackpot Pandemonium!!

The progressive jackpot game starts with a jackpot prize of £1,000 and then continues to increase from there. In order to claim the £1,000 you will have to bingo on 40 balls or less. If this does not happen then the jackpot score will continue to increase by one ball every five days. Once the jackpot prize is claimed, then the Progressive Pandemonium is reset, so there is always an opportunity to win £1,000. There is also an additional progressive jackpot game which takes place in the Sunset Strip Room. The jackpot starts at £500 and continues to increase every 3 days if not claimed.

Progressive jackpot games are a great way to play online bingo because they create even more suspense within the game. You will not be bored at any point throughout the entire process and the minimum a player can walk away with as a jackpot, will always be very high. Join Bingo on the Box today and you will receive a juicy £15 welcome bonus (with no deposit required) to play all your favourite games with – and there are definitely a lot of online bingo games to choose from. Maximise your winning potential today with some free cash pay-outs and a whole lot of big jackpot prizes.