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Bingo Cams is one of the best bingo sites to be launched in 2011 and it offers a great new concept: play with your web cam on and share your glory moments of winning!  It’s one step closer to meeting your bingo room mates, chat masters and enjoying bingo while connecting better with the player’s community. But this great site is more than that – it also offers a no deposit treat with a £5 free bonus as well as 200% deposit bonus up to £100!
What a mind boggling new idea to have video bingo web cams for as you play games! Not only can you let yourself get caught up in the usual super chat hosed games but you can now relate to your online bingo buddies by conversing with them in a whole new way AND see them on your screen! This option of video bingo will obviously be up to you, if you are having a bad hair day then you can still play the games with your cam off and keep yourself to yourself…And please spare us!  Hooray to bingo cams who have come up with this super-duper software invention to include webcams in bingo rooms!  They are forging an exciting way into a whole new society!  You can never be too careful in this day and age so if you don’t want to be seen then you can choose an avatar instead.
The best thing about this is that you can see when someone wins!  Your screen will show the lucky winner if their web cam is on you will see them live and they will even win a little extra prize for the winning video!  BingoCams will even reward players if you have a funny or silly wining moment – next time it could be you with a cheesy grin on your face and a fist full of dosh! Just to up the buzz bingocams media team has revealed that you will be due better prizes if you show off your bingo winnings on the webcam, the footage will be hung in the hall of fame to boost the morale of other online bingo players.

Of course there is far more to bingo cams than just this revolutionary way to play.  There is of course that amazing no deposit bonus and the 200% cash match that will leave you will triple what you deposited.  One of their most awesome features is their little trove of amazing progressive jackpots! There are tonnes of rooms that are filled with amazing progressives and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to snap one up! Get ready for your close-up and become a Bingo Cams member if you don’t want to miss out on these lovely offers!  It would be an absolutely crime if we bingo fans were not around for this amazing new and different way of playing our favourite games.

Bingocams have brought this amazing, innovative treat into our own homes, giving us a feel for the real thing definitely increasing the excitement of the whole game. Well done to them!  They may have been launched in only 2011 but they have already taken off in a massive way, though their cams can’t take all the credit!  They also offer incredible fresh new promotions and some wicked bingo tournaments.  Everything and more that you need to be hooked to an online bingo site!

bingo cams
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