Bingo Sites with Chat Games

To keep things interesting in their bingo games, a lot of sites include a few additional features for their players to check out. There’s one feature that’s always a big hit with players and that’s the use of fun chat games inside various bingo games.

What Are Bingo Chat Games?

If you’re new to the genre then don’t worry, online bingo chat games are relatively simple to follow regardless of your skill level. They are basically fun mini-games you can play during an ordinary game of bingo to win extra prizes or just have a little bit of fun.

These games usually involve the chat window that comes with the majority of bingo games and they can run at any time during a normal game. So you could play them as you’re watching balls being daubed off or in-between games to kill some time.

The chat games normally have you typing off a special phrase or answering questions posed by the chat host within a set time limit, so it can be quite a tense and thrilling experience. Plus, the prizes they have up for grabs can range from anything like cash prizes, deposit codes or even loyalty points.

What Is the Normal Chat Game Etiquette?

If you’re planning on taking part in one of these free bingo chat games, then there’s a few things about the etiquette of these games that you should be aware of.

For example, you have to be polite to the other players in the room, even though they’re just names on a screen there are real people on the other end. So, just talk to them like you would in a normal social experience.

Don’t speak in all ‘CAPS’ or use any rude or profane language as this will lead you to being instantly banned from a game by the chat host. Also, don’t post external links to anything or constantly type sentence after sentence into the chat menu as the host might think you’re spamming and will ban you.

What Is Chat Lingo?

As you’re playing in these games you may notice the other players using what’s known as ‘Chat Lingo’. This is basically abbreviations and phrases that mean various things to players in these games, so to ease you into it we’ve picked out a few things you might pick up on.


1: GLE1 = Good Luck Everyone!

2: WTG = Way to Go!

3: 1TG = One to Go.

4: TUVM = Thank You Very Much.

5: LOL = Laugh Out Loud.

Bingo Sites with the Best Chat Games

Chat games are incredibly popular and you will find them on almost every bingo site out there, so to simplify your hunt for the best bingo chat games we’ve picked out a couple of good sites to use.


When you make a first deposit of £10 on this site you will get £20 to play with and the chance to claim between £5 and £2,500 from their exciting prize wheel round.


A first deposit of £10 on this bingo site will let you pick up a 250% bonus on top of your cash.


Not only will you pick up a 250% bonus on top of you first deposit, they will also let you claim between £15 and £1,000 from their ‘Spin the Wheel’ round.

So if you’re looking to get a little bit more from your favourite bingo sites and games then we recommend trying out some chat games. They’re super simple and fun to play and they often have some great prizes to win!

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