Bingo Calls

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Bingo lingo, bingo slang, call it what you will… there’s no doubt this is the coolest part of modern bingo (aside from the prizes, of course)! Test your knowledge here: How much bingo lingo do you know?

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Where it all started

So, how did we ever get started with bingo calls? The history is murky and even different sites have totally different information on the source of some of the calls we take for granted. We’ve noticed some bingo calls relate to several key features though:

  1. The appearance of the number, i.e. two little ducks for number 22
  2. The importance of the number, i.e. number 10 relates to Downing Street, so the bingo call is given the name of the current Prime Minister (now it would be Theresa’s den, number 10)
  3. The rhyming abilities of the number, i.e. ‘two and eight’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘in a state’, so this is given to the number 28

Some of the classic bingo calls like Kelly’s eye, number one are given different meanings, since no one is sure anymore where the saying came from. Bingo used to be popular in the forces decades ago though, and some suspect some of the calls we’re familiar with were created around that time.

Three classic bingo calls

Even though new and more innovative calls are coming up all the time, you’ll still hear the classics in some places. We do love the classics as well! How many of these do you know, and can you spot why they are used?

  1. Garden gate, number 8 – this is a simple rhyming example
  2. Legs eleven, number 11 – the number looks like a pair of legs!
  3. Weeks in a year, number 52 – this one is self-explanatory

Tinder date for number 8?

Bingo slang changes over time, and even land-based bingo halls are changing things up in crazy ways. Have you heard any of these calls lately?

  • Bikini line – 39
  • Back to mine – 69
  • Tag a mate – 48
  • Little Mix – 6
  • Selfie queen – 17

It’s even becoming cool for different bingo sites and bingo halls to create their own unique set of calls. It gives you another reason to visit one site or hall over another. Have you noticed your favourite bingo sites bringing in new and modern bingo calls lately?

Bingo is GR8!

You’ll also come across abbreviations used in bingo chat rooms. The social side of bingo – even online – makes the bingo experience even better. It’s also a heck of a lot faster to type three or four letters than it is to type a whole sentence, so we’re all for GR8 abbreviations!

Here are a few examples of how cool these abbreviations are.


Better luck next game
GL Good luck!
JJ Just joking
SYS See you soon

Learn some more bingo lingo uk on bingo sites today

Bingo calls are changing constantly as people come up with ones that reflect the times. See how many you spot next time you visit your favourite bingo site.