Bingo Blitz

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If you love social bingo games, check out Bingo Blitz – available to play free on iOS, Android, and on Facebook. You can play against friends old and new, and enjoy a range of features you wouldn’t find in normal bingo games. Are you ready to learn more?

How does Bingo Blitz work?

It’s like 75-ball bingo:

  • You get a 5 x 5 card
  • 24 spaces are numbered
  • The centre space is blank
  • Try and mark off all four corners, or…
  • … mark off a line of five numbers in any direction

All good so far. But, there are perks to watch for as well:

  • Power-ups make it easier to get bingo
  • Bonus squares bring additional prizes if you can tick them off
  • Bingo means coins, which in turn mean the chance to unlock treasure chests

So, Bingo Blitz will be familiar to you if you have played regular bingo on other sites already. However, with the additional perks and power-ups available as well, you’ll see how easy and enjoyable it is to play for fun and entertainment.

Bingo Blitz strategy and tips

Here are our tips for doing well in Bingo Blitz:

  1. Collect as many Bingo Blitz credits as you can
  2. Look for treasure chests to open
  3. Chests may reveal collection items, coins, keys, and power-ups
  4. Chests can also be opened with keys… if you can find them during bingo!

When you first start using the app, take the time to have a look around. You’ll become more familiar with it and how everything works. But remember, there is no substitute for having a go!

The many perks of playing Bingo Blitz

This game offers numerous perks. We’ve mentioned just a few of them here. You might think of more too when you play!

  • You get to compete with other players – if you want social bingo, this is the way to enjoy it!
  • You can play on teams – why play bingo alone when you can play along with others?
  • Enjoy the daily tournament room – this gives you a chance to play five rounds of bingo daily without paying for them with credits, among other things
  • You can enjoy getting power-ups – these transform the way you can play
  • You can enjoy playing high-speed bingo – games are faster so there are always new ones to look forward to
  • You can also play bonus games – no two games ever feel quite the same

This is supercharged bingo, in our opinion, which always makes it fun and exciting to enjoy.

What are power-ups?

These are elements that make gameplay even more exciting. Some are easier to find than others, so you’ll always be searching for the best ones. Here are some examples:

  • Double XP – this power-up enables you to get double XP while playing
  • Instant Win – a great one to find because it gives you just that, but it’s not easy to locate! If you have it, daub the specified square on your bingo card to win!
  • Double Winnings – win double the usual prize by using this power-up

How can you get power-ups?

This is how it works:

  1. Every player has a Power-Up Meter
  2. Daub three squares on your bingo cards to charge your meter
  3. You’re awarded a random power-up
  4. Click the power-up shown when you wish to use it

Comparing Bingo Blitz to other Facebook bingo apps

Wouldn’t you know it – there are other FB apps based on bingo, too! How do these compare and what do they offer?


This game has nearly 1.4 million likes on Facebook. However, there hasn’t been any action on their page for a while now.

Bingo Appy

This app offers bingo and slots too, so you get a nice mix of games here. It also provides standard 90-ball and 75-ball bingo to enjoy.

Bingo Friendzy

This is a cute game in more ways than one! There are some slots here as well as bingo, and you can play the game with your Facebook friends, too.

Is there a difference between the app on Facebook and the downloadable app for iOS / Android?

Players who use Bingo Blitz on Facebook, rather than on iOS or Android devices, can enjoy some extra benefits in their gameplay. These include:

  1. 12 bingo blitz free credits
  2. The ability to play with friends on Facebook
  3. Special rewards and coin and credit syncing

No wonder more than half of all players log in to Bingo Blitz using their Facebook login details.

Check out Bingo Blitz today!

Bingo Blitz is a great game for anyone who enjoys a bit of mindless fun with friends. The social aspect makes it very attractive and exciting, and because it’s easy to play it’s an excellent way to blow of some steam. Play for free by downloading the Bingo Blitz app today.

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