Bingo: A Game of Chance or Skill?

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Do you have a bingo strategy in play? More than that, do you think it’s even worth having a strategy at all? While there’s a lot of chance or luck involved when you play bingo, it’s good to employ a soupcon of skill as well, as you’ll see here.

Where we like to test our luck… and hone our skills!


Amazing kicks things off with a bonus wheel to tempt you with some free spins when you join. But how many bingo games will you be playing in as a member of this exciting site?

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This ever-reliable site shows the fun side of bingo when you land on the home page. With 75-ball and 90-ball variants to check out, you have a chance to get some amazing prizes if you take part regularly.


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With an opportunity to deposit a tenner and get £47 to actually play with, getting started is easy at Wink Bingo. They’ve got all kinds of bingo rooms open for business too, including VIP rooms and ones with huge jackpots on offer.

A mix of chance AND skill

While bingo is a game of chance, you can tip the odds in your favour somewhat. Here are some of our bingo tips on this topic.

Don’t miss out on bonus elements

There are plenty of these around, and they come in all formats too. Take a look at these examples:

  • Buy one, get one free (BOGOF)
  • Promo codes
  • Pre-buy tickets
  • VIP perks and special deals
  • Free bingo rooms

Taking advantage of these deals puts you in the optimum position to play the maximum number of tickets and games. It also gives you a chance to get ahead of other players, maximising your odds of winning something in the process. The more often you play, the better the odds are going to be.

Do you know when to play?

Surely you can play bingo anytime? Well, yes, you can, but it makes sense to play bingo at times when you have the least competition. Which of these two situations might give you better odds:

  1. Playing bingo at 7pm when every game has 50+ players
  2. Playing bingo at 2am when games only attract 15 or so players

We all know the answer to that! Of course, you have to work out the best options to fit with your schedule, but you get the idea.

Top tip: free bingo rooms will always be packed out

Everyone loves free bingo. It’s definitely worth taking part as it won’t cost you anything, but other cheaper games might have fewer players and therefore better odds of winning as far as you’re concerned.

Can you get some advice?

Many bingo sites have chat rooms and moderators who can help you along the way. Here are some possibilities in this area:

  • Are there experienced old-timers who have tips on how best to play bingo?
  • Do moderators in certain bingo rooms offer free tickets, entry to invitation-only games or even on-the-spot prizes?
  • Watch and learn – which rooms are less popular and which chat hosts are more generous?

Do you love luck or skill games?

Bingo can offer you a bit of both. Luck certainly goes a long way, but it takes real skill to figure out how to better the odds.

You’ll want to find a site that uses a random number generator to ensure things are fair. However, if you use a mix of the tips we’ve provided above, you may just end up winning more often than you have already. Good luck!

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