Betway to Give Bingo Brand an Overhaul

According to sources at Betway the popular online bingo company are currently planning a big overhaul of one of their brands. In a move that has some of their fans concerned, Betway have said they’re looking into re-launching their popular Dream Bingo site.

What’s Going On?

The overhaul of Dream Bingo is apparently being helmed by the former Chief Marketing Officer of Boysports, James Arnold and is also part of a complete redesign of a division of the Betway brand.

According to Arnold, the re-launch of Dream Bingo will see it receive a whole new website for players to try out. He also said this development would also coincide with the launch of a brand new TV advertising campaign for the site in the UK to encourage players to check it out.

When asked about the redesign, Arnold said that it was Betway’s attempt to focus more on bingo as their primary product. He further commented saying that they were also using it to move some of their brands away from various sports betting and casino products.

Also, in an attempt to encourage new players to join and improve player quality when it launches, Betway have scaled back some of their sign up offers and incentives.

How does it look currently?

Of course, these changes have yet to be enforced so currently we’re left with the sites original design and for those not familiar with it, here’s a little outline of it before it’s changed.

Set against an idyllic blue sky that’s interspaced with the occasional blue cloud, the sites design has this light and almost dream like design. They also use a rather interesting tab system of large squares on the homepage to provide a simple and easy to use navigation system.

In terms of the promotions, this site currently has a great welcome pack that will give you £80 to play with when you deposit just £10. They also have great progressive jackpot games, fun competitions and interesting games to check out.

What Might They Change?

Currently with these changes the site is set to become Betway’s leading bingo brand and even though they’ve hinted at what they might change there’s been no specifics. So to combat that we’ve come up with a couple of hypotheticals of what they might do.

Obviously the whole site will get a complete redesign with the style and theme possibly changing, we will likely see an alteration to the promotions available on the site as well as the types of games that you can play.

For example, they may provide smaller first deposit bonuses to encourage players, like the 300% bonus that Microgaming bingo sites like Bingo on the Box provide for their users for example.

They may even include new and interesting promotions that you might not find on other Betway brands. You could see holiday giveaways or competitions for gadgets and other alternate prizes.

Of course, they will continue to use the same games as these have proven popular with other sites on the Betway brand. Take Betway Bingo, for example, they have similar games so you could enjoy the likes of Thunderstruck II, Gold Factory, Tomb Raider and other interesting titles.

We could even see more of a focus on progressive jackpot prizes as these have always proven to be incredibly popular with players.

Even though Dream Bingo has yet to undergo a change, it’s certainly in good hands with Betway. They know what makes a good site and it will be interesting to see what they will add or remove from Dream Bingo once they’ve finished their alterations.