Best Bingo Promos

Bingo promotions aren’t hard to find, and when you start looking you’ll spot lots of them. We’ve rounded up the best selection of promos online today, so you’ll know exactly what to look for no matter which site you find yourself on. Which one of these might prove lucky for you?

Our picks for sites with best promos


Wink is famous for its promos, starting with the huge welcome deal on offer for new players. Other promos include the Wink Wheel, the Newbies Room, Hundreds of £100s and 8 Days a Week.


Enjoy up to £2,500 as a first-deposit welcome bonus on top of a guaranteed £20 free when you join Cheers Bingo. Like them on Facebook to receive 5,000 loyalty points too!


Get 500% on the first deposit you make at Bingo Hollywood, then explore to discover the rest of their great promotions. They provide a welcome mix of monthly promos, chat promos and special events too!

An exciting mix of promos

You’ll soon realise you’ve got plenty of promos to choose from, no matter which bingo sites you visit. Here’s a mix of the most popular promos around today. (Not all sites have all of them, but most bingo sites offer a good mix.)

Newbies and loyalty

Being a newcomer to a bingo site can work in your favour. You may discover any of these examples to take advantage of:

  • Entry into a bingo room for the first few days or week you are a member
  • Free bingo opportunities
  • Chat rooms reserved for newbies only

Top tip: focus on newbie promos first

In short, make sure you look for all the newbie promotions when you first join a site. Prioritise these to get the most out of them before your time runs out!

You can also take advantage of loyalty promotions. Loyalty points are given out by many bingo sites today. The more you participate in a site, the more you will benefit from that loyalty:

  • Collect loyalty points for all the bingo tickets you buy
  • Progress to different levels in a loyalty programme the more you take part
  • Higher levels in a loyalty programme mean bigger rewards for you

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are great because they keep on growing! There are several features worth watching for:

  1. A small percentage of every card bought or every bet made goes in the pot
  2. The progressive pot keeps getting bigger until someone wins it
  3. It’s a winner takes all pot – the winner gets the lot!
  4. They can keep on growing for days, weeks or even months before someone wins it

You’ll spot other bingo jackpots available too, such as:

  • Game jackpots – jackpots associated with just one game
  • Coverall jackpots – cover all the numbers to win!
  • Guaranteed jackpots – no matter how many people take part in the bingo game or how many tickets are sold, the jackpot is always for a guaranteed amount

Social media

Every bingo site loves getting Facebook likes, and it’s worth you following them on Facebook if you can. You often find companies reward people who follow them with perks:

  • Entry into special competitions
  • Advance news of new games
  • Special prizes to win
  • Free tickets to bingo games

Chat promos

Chat games are exciting because they give you a chance to get chatting with your fellow players while you enjoy playing bingo. They might also include the chat moderator offering prizes to participants. Explore your favourite chat rooms for a chance at entering different competitions and promos.


Who doesn’t love a good tournament? We do, and there are lots of bingo tournaments you can enter to be in with a chance of winning a prize. You might see these variations, too:

  • Winner takes all
  • First, second and third prizes
  • Top ten positions all win something

Some tournaments offer other prizes, such as loyalty points or maybe even a tangible prize. A good example that would fall into the latter category would be a tournament that offered a holiday to the first-prize winner.

You will also notice tourneys last for various lengths of time:

  • A day-long tournament (usually a different one every day of the week as an ongoing theme)
  • A seven-day tournament
  • A month-long tournament

There isn’t usually a limit to the number of tournaments you can enter. For the best chances of winning, enter as many as you can and be sure you stay within the terms and conditions for doing so.

Take advantage of bingo promotions today!

Phew! With so many bingo promotions to try your luck at, it’s no wonder they are so popular. Lots of bingo sites have tournaments to try out, so if you are ready to dive in and make the most of your membership of any site, you know what to do. Any one of those bingo promotions could be a winner for you!

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