April Showers at Bingo Hollywood

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Well, it seems that April is going to be a good month for Bingo Hollywood fans! This iconic online bingo provider is giving its players the chance to keep themselves amused throughout the month with a brilliant promotion that they’re running.

What Is Going On?

To clear things up, Bingo Hollywood are running a team based bingo tournament throughout April as part of their April Showers promotion. This fantastic event will let you and your friends compete against other players for the chance to take home some fantastic prizes.

The rewards that are up for grabs from these team bingo games are a selection of Star Point prizes that reach high amounts. There are four prizes to win and the size of your team’s prize is based on their position in the competition.

For example, if you and your friends manage to come fourth in this event you will be given a 200,000 Star Point Prize, or if your team lands in third you will be taking home 300,000 Star Points. Rank second against the other players that are taking part and your team will win 500,000 Star Points to split up amongst your team members.

Finally, if you and your friends do well enough to come in first place you will be given the penultimate prize of 1,000,000 Star Points. This huge loyalty point reward will then be broken up amongst everyone taking part and you can then use it to transfer it into cash or unlock extra perks on the site.

How to Join in

All of these fantastic prizes are being given away in a bingo tournament and to compete you and your team mates will have to earn points.

To collect points you have to play bingo in a series of games every weekend throughout April and you and your teammates must play a minimum of 100 games each session to qualify for the full Star Point prize amount. Anyone that doesn’t manage to hit that target of 100 games will only take home half the prize pot at the end of the event.

As you’re playing bingo your team will be awarded points based on the type of wins they land on their cards. For 1L, the result is three points, for 2L wins on your cards you will get five points and for anyone that lands a Full House your team will be given ten points.

To maximise your point collecting potential try going in with a full team, but the maximum amount of tickets and stay in every session until the end. That way you can pull in tons of points in a short space of time.

The bingo games themselves are set to run on the site every Friday to Sunday from 7pm until 11pm, so you have a relatively long time to pick up points in your sessions. The games will also take place in either the Red Carpet or One to Go Bingo games and a great feature of this event is that the Red Carpet room is more lucrative for point collection.

For example, in the One to Go Bingo games the points are doled out like we mentioned above, but in the Red Carpet room every win regardless of the type will land you 10 points. So keep an eye out for those kinds of games!

This promotion will be running on Bingo Hollywood each weekend until Sunday the 26th of April. So if you want to win some large loyalty point prizes you better start up a team whilst you still have the chance!