Android Bingo

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Nowadays, there are lots of different options for when you want to play online bingo, including desktop, mobile and on your tablet. Not only that, you also need to decide what kind of device is best for playing bingo and other online gambling games. For many people, the answer is Android devices. So what are the options for Android Bingo, and how does the device match up compared with other mobile and tablet devices?

What are the pros and cons of using an Android to play bingo?

There are lots of advantages to using Android Bingo. For a start, just in general being able to play bingo games on your mobile or tablet rather than online offers loads of opportunities for you to “Profit on the go” so to speak. So you can make big wins on your favourite online bingo sites, even when you’re on the move, which is both fun and convenient.

Another advantage which Android has over other mobile devices is the quality of the graphics, which is widely considered to be better in terms of resolution than their iOS counterparts. Another cool quirk of Android devices is that many of them come with the option of installing your own memory card, which is useful if you want to download a bingo app for Android.

One of the disadvantages of Android devices is that unfortunately, most of the online gaming market caters largely to iOS devices when it comes to downloading bingo apps, so you don’t have as many opportunities to download apps directly on to your phone. You can still access bingo websites however.

Browser based apps vs Downloadable

There are just a few differences between browser based android apps and downloadable android apps. The browser app relates to HTML pages which have been simplified so they are compatible with a mobile phone sized screen. Meanwhile, downloadable apps will download the content directly on to your device – meaning you can access them offline. There is also more options to play free android bingo games when you download.

The browser apps mean that you can automatically access your content, whilst downloadable apps mean that you have to install the app on your phone before anything else. Browsers also have the advantage of updating automatically, whereas downloadable apps need to actually search for new updates to be downloaded.

Android vs iPhone

Both Android and iPhone devices offer high speed and efficient quality. On one hand, Android offers a far bigger selection of devices, meaning that there is a wider consumer choice. Furthermore, Android typically boasts a better gaming resolution and larger screen size than iOS – although this may change as Apple start to release more devices with larger screens.

In terms of the number of apps, however, Android does not impress quite so much. iOS definitely has far more options for downloading and playing apps on your phone or in your browser, offering far more choice to bingo fans. On the flip side, Android does support mobile gambling, unlike iOS, so it can be a bit easier to deposit and play on sites using an iOS device.

In terms of download times, both Android and iOS devices are roughly the same with little variations in speed when it comes to downloading bingo apps.

Android compatible sites:

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mFortune: This site is designed specifically for mobile, making it the ideal site on which to play online bingo games.

Bingo Hollywood: This glamorous site offers everything you need for a good time – including a 300% welcome bonus.

As you can see, there are lots of options to play bingo from your Android device. Check out the sites we’ve listed here to get a full idea of what it’s like.