All Dragonfish Sites Now Using Paypal

More Bingo Sites Now Offering Paypal

Online bingo sites have varied payment methods and one that has been increasing in popularity is Paypal. You may have already came across this in UK bingo sites such as Ladbrokes Bingo, and more recently it has now moved over to the Joy of Bingo sites.

Dragonfish have now jumped on board and have decided to incorporate this payment method into all of their sites. There are over 90 sites in the Dragonfish brand who are now offering Paypal as a depositing method. Paypal makes your whole payment experience hassle free. You now no longer have to put up with the tiresome process of entering in all your bank details and security codes, which makes it so much easier for you to get on and play.

It will also make it easier to transfer winnings from your Dragonfish websites over to your own personal paypal account. You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs it is all free of charge and so easy to use. Probably the most famous online site to be using Paypal is eBay, and now this has started a trend in the online gambling world. For those of you already familiar with Paypal by using Paypal Bingo Sites, you will know it is an extremely secure payment method.

You can also expect more changes in the world of Dragonfish. Rather than the standard £1 upon registration, they have now decided to change this in favour of more free bingo games. It seems the Dragonfish are evolving, and it will be very interesting to see what comes next.

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