£3k Olympic Prize at JackpotJoy

JackpotJoy Giving Away Cash!

Are you currently considering new bingo sites to spice up your enjoyment? Well look no further than JackpotJoy because this site has a fab online bingo promotion currently running this summer that is guaranteed to get your competitive juices flowing. June was a wet month that more than likely resulted in the cancelation of lots fun sports days across the country. JackpotJoy is helping to make up for things by providing you a different form of sports day that incorporates online bingo – do we have your full attention yet!?

Unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the past couple of months you will be completely aware of the impending London 2012 Olympics. JackpotJoy has created a special online bingo game for this event that has been dubbed Sports Day Special which is due to play on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony – 27th July. However, there is a catch; this is an exclusive game. If you want to play in Sports Day Special then you have to acquire bingo tickets for 50p each by Friday 6th July this weekend.

Right, now it’s time to get down to the particulars of the Sports Day Special. During the game you will asked to select a bingo ball and this number will determine whether you win a prize or not during the evening’s action. Players that complete a full house on a number between 1 and 50 will receive a bronze medal and 2,000 joy points. Anyone who has a bingo ball that falls within the numbers 51 to 80 will be silver medal players and rewarded with 3,000 joy points. Finally, daring roomies will choose a number with 81 to 90 because if they full house on this number they will be a gold medal player and bag a share of £3,000!

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