3 Practical Ways to Remake Yourself

Are you looking to change your life or start doing something that you would never have thought you could do? Personal growth is the way for you to remake yourself, discover new things about you or even take more control of your daily work and home life without having to disappear into the ocean to start over as someone else. If you want to start making the changes that can lead to a better, more invigorated and new you, then you should start today with a few simple changes that can have a big impact both on yourself and on those around you. With three changes, you can start again.

1: Take 20 minutes a day

One of the most popular ways to start your remodelling of yourself is with the well-known 20-minute Rule. This is a way to clear your mind of all the world’s problems by essentially shutting yourself off from them. Rather than watching TV, or sitting on the internet with nothing to do, you should dedicate 20 minutes of your time each day to do the things that you really want. In those 20 minutes you could read a classic work of literature (one of those on your to-read list, maybe?), or start learning a foreign language. You could learn meditation, which will help you to relax and clear your mind of unwanted pressures, or you could even start writing that novel you have always thought about but never put into motion. Spend those 20 minutes alone, uninterrupted and engaged only in the one thing you have decided to do.

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2: Make plans

Most novelists plan a book carefully before they start writing it, and if you want to remake yourself, then you should follow their example and start actively planning for your new life. Writing down what you intend to do will help to clarify your goals, and will also help you to cut down on intrusions -things that you thought were important but really aren’t – so that you can put your energies into getting what you really want from life. Having a plan will boost your confidence, and help to remake your attitude to life. Planning is one of the best ways to throw aside what you don’t need, and start driving down the road marked ‘New You’.

3: Start acknowledging mistakes

Starting today, make sure that you always take responsibility for being in the wrong. You might think that admitting when you were rude or unkind in the past is the very opposite of creating a better you, but in fact taking the time to be responsible for yourself can really help you to improve yourself. Once you start being accountable for the things you do, you will be able to face up to yourself more, and you will also be able to assert yourself when you know that you are in the right. People are also more likely to support your confidence if they know that you are always responsible. Taking control of mistakes also means being in more control of yourself, and that can really help you to remake yourself.

By following these three rules, you’ll start to develop a better outlook on life, which will have a positive effect on everyone around you.