£2,000 Cash corker game, coming soon to Tasty Bingo

£2,000 Cash corker game, coming soon to Tasty Bingo

Looking for a tasty bingo deal? Then look no further than Tasty Bingo where their latest cash corker game is waiting to be played.

While the actual D-day is only on the second day of October, tickets are available for pre-purchase. So log into Tasty Bingo today and check out the Special Tab to grab yourself some cash corker tickets for just 50p each.

You might be wondering what is special about Cash Corker? The Cash corker game will offer the top winner with a bonus cash win of £2,000 which you can spend on anything that your heart fancies. To win this coveted prize, simply participate in the game to be held on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 09:45 at the PayPal bingo site, Tasty Bingo. If you are the player that manages to bingo on the Full Champagne Glass pattern, you will walk away with a cool £2,000.

While we mentioned earlier that you can purchase or pre-purchase the tickets for just 50p, you can also get your hands on these delectable cash corker tickets without having to spend a penny.

Simply accumulate cash corker points and exchange 500 of the cash corker points for one free cash corker bingo card. I guess the question now is how can a player get his hands on the cash corker points. There are many different ways.

For instance you could easily notch 5 points for spending £1 on bingo games or instead spend £20 on instant games to grab two points. If you were to bingo on the Pound Sign pattern, you can add another 10 points to your cash corker account. But the highest points of 250 is amassed when you write to Tasty Bingo and let them know the top favorite thing that you would spend your winnings on, were you to win this game.

So log into Tasty Bingo and start collecting your free cash corker points. Grab as many cash corker bingo tickets that is permitted, to increase your chances of winning the top £2,000 prize.